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Maximum Valid Widh 2200mm ;
Gram Weight range from 35 to 125gsm ;
Reference Patterns

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The benefits of using Polyester nonwoven

Polyester nonwoven geotextiles are commonly used in a variety of applications including drainage separation filtration reinforcement and erosion control. They are made from polyester fibers that are needle-punched and heat-bonded together to form a fabric. Polyester geotextiles have high tensile strength and durability which makes them ideal for use in a variety of applications. They are also resistant to UV radiation making them ideal for use in outdoor applications.


Benefits of Polyester nonwoven

Polyester nonwoven fabrics are made from continuous filaments or from very short staple fibers which have been spun together. The resultant fabric has good strength resilience and abrasion resistance. Polyester is hydrophobic in nature and hence the fabric does not absorb water easily. This makes it ideal for use in products which require moisture resistance such as diapers feminine hygiene products etc. Polyester nonwovens are also used in applications where heat resistance is required such as in ironing board covers oven gloves etc.


Features of Polyester nonwoven

Polyester nonwoven fabric is a fabric made of polyester fibers that have been bonded together by chemical mechanical heat or solvent treatment. The main advantage of this fabric is its strength and durability. It is also resistant to shrinking stretching and wrinkles. Polyester nonwoven fabric is often used in the manufacturing of upholstery carpeting luggage car interiors and industrial filtration products.


What is Viscose nonwoven

Viscose nonwoven fabric is a material made from cellulose fibers that are chemically treated and then spun into a thread. The resulting fabric is soft absorbent and has a silk-like feel. It is often used in medical applications such as bandages and wound dressings as well as in personal care products such as diapers and feminine hygiene products.


Features of Viscose nonwoven

Viscose nonwovens are made from wood pulp and are known for their resiliency absorbency and softness. They are often used in hygiene products like diapers and feminine care items as well as in medical applications. Viscose nonwovens can be made with various surface treatments to achieve different properties and can be laminated or coated for additional protection.


Benefits of Viscose nonwoven

Viscose nonwovens are made of natural cellulose fibers which are renewable and biodegradable. They are also absorbent and breathable making them ideal for use in hygiene and medical applications. Viscose nonwovens are also soft and strong making them suitable for use in a variety of applications such as upholstery bedding and clothing.


Pros of Viscose and Polyester

Viscose and polyester are two types of synthetic fabric. They are both made from petroleum products but the manufacturing process is different. Viscose is made from wood pulp while polyester is made from coal and petroleum.


Viscose is a soft silky fabric that drapes well. It is often used in clothing such as dresses blouses and scarves. Polyester is a strong durable fabric that is often used in sportswear and outerwear. It is less likely to wrinkle than other fabrics and it retains its shape well.


Viscose is more absorbent than polyester and therefore more comfortable to wear in hot weather. Polyester is more resistant to stains and wrinkles and it dries quickly.


Benefits of viscose polyester

Viscose polyester is a type of polyester fabric that is made from viscose fibers. Viscose fibers are made from cellulose which is a plant-based material. Viscose polyester has many benefits over other types of polyester fabrics. It is more absorbent than other types of polyester so it is ideal for making clothing and towels. It is also more breathable than other types of polyester making it more comfortable to wear in hot weather. In addition viscose polyester is less likely to pill or static than other types of polyester.

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