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Jeenor sustainable new products: B20 and F20

- 2023-05-29 -

With the coming of plastic limitation laws, more and more people pay attention to a sustainable life, in nonwoven market, more and more people and cooperation have forward sight to biodegradable products.

As a source factory for mother roll and finished products of spunlace nonwoven, Jeenor export huge amount disposable material (PP, PET) nonwoven per year in worldwide before.

In order to adapt the Inevitable trend of sustainable, Jeenor ambition to diver to sustainable products. The B20 Biodegradable and compostable, F20 flushable products, which is the first step Jeenor divert to sustainable area.

Both of them are produced by 100% plant fiber:
Wood pulp+ Viscose or Wood pulp+ lyocell

The B20 series products can be up to 100% biodegradable and compostable within 90 days. This one regular gsm is 35-110gsm, has a wide range of applications. Except to Factory wipes, Household cleaning and kitchen cleaning, etc, the low gsm type also suitable for making wet wipes, especially for baby wipes.

The F20 series products can be directly flushed in water, suitable for wet toilet paper.


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